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M/M Log Cabin was developed by Mike and Meaghan Hulsey as a match for the original Lambert & Butler's Log Cabin blend.  Quality Burleys are blended with flu-cured, red, gold, and stoved Virginias and a pinch of Black Cavendish is added for good measure.  However, it's the maple flavor that takes this blend over the top. A Burley-forward aromatic, M/M Log Cabin produces a char light aroma of oatmeal molasses cookies baking in the oven that transitions into the scent of fresh baked sweet nut bread about halfway through the bowl.  The flavor profile is just as mouthwatering ... delectable notes of a natural maple syrup greet you at the start and segue into an earthy, nutty flavor with a hint of spice about a quarter of the way in that remains through the rest of the bowl.  Medium in strength and flavor, M/M Log Cabin burns cool and clean with consistent flavor when smoked with a slower cadence ... which you would want to do anyway to prolong the enjoyment of this extremely tasty blend!


Available in 1 oz bulk size increments.  Please contact us if you wish to purchase M/M Log Cabin in 1 lb quantities.


Blend TypeAromatic
ContentsBlack Cavendish, Burley, Virginia
CutRibbon & Course
ProductionCurrently available

STP's M/M Log Cabin House Blend

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