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Our Customers' Stories

Josh S. of Vance, AL

I just wanted to say thank you for having a unicorn tobacco in stock for me to purchase. The package arrived safely and with some pipe cleaners. Nice extra point of courtesy. I will definitely look to your site in the future for additional purchases.

Ron G. of Denver, CO

I really like the name and look of the site. The soon coming members only section sounds interesting too. I recently purchased a couple tins from you that came in quick fashion. Looking forward to the addition of Samuel Gawith tobaccos, love those, and having a new site to check in on.

Brad K. of Blaine, USA

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your quick and polite service that I can always count on. In addition I am honored to support an owner who put his life on line everyday for us while serving in the military and later on a First Responder. I highly recommend The Story Teller's Pipe.

Daniel R. of Ashland, KY

You guys are outstanding! Love how u send little samples and cleaners with every order. Your the only place I know that does this that I've ordered from and you always got the goods!👍

Neil F. of Granville, NY

Not only did The ST have what I was looking for, it was well priced including shipping...and shipped the same day! Amazing. I'll be placing all my future tobacco orders through The Story Teller. I appreciate that your store is accessible enough that i know I will be calling at some point to say "This tobacco was amazing...point me towards similar!" and I'll have someone on the other end that enjoys the hobby and can give honest answers. Thanks!

Samuel W. of Brooklyn, NY

Not only was this rarely in stock tobacco available, but it was also very reasonably priced.

Jose R. of Fox Lake, WI

Everything was fantastic as expected from a wonderful friendly company to do business with. I highly recommend them always !!!!

Caleb H. of Vermontville, MI

Has blends no one else has in stock.

Matt H. of Benton, AR

I just want to take a moment and thank you for the recent purchase I was able to make.  I've been trying to get my hands on a tin of Balkan Sobranie for years... Your timely, and humorous, notification made that dream possible.  Also, I was surprised by the free sample of Black Cavendish and pipe cleaners. Believe it or not, I had never tried BC before and found it very mild and enjoyable. Your service is amazing and you can count on me to be a customer from here on. 

Dan S. of Hilliard, OH

Great selection and amazing prices! Fun to browse and shop!

Don M. of Coraopolis, PA

Always a pleasure to deal with. Sean and Michele are great people and are a great source of information about pipes and tobacco.

Juan G. of Harlingen, TX

Great selection of hard to get blends and great prices. I’ll continue to do business with y’all. Thank you!

Andrew M. of Zanesville, OH

STP is hands down the best place to buy pipe tobacco! Michele and Sean’s customer service is the BEST in the business. They are also very helpful and knowledgeable about any questions you may have.

Jason M. of Prescott Valley, AZ

I wanted to thank you for the extremely fast shipping and fantastic customer service and packaging of all my treasures! From the minute I spoke with Sean about the special order of pipes, to Michele updating my invoice multiple times, to holding tins for me, I could go on. I was so excited to receive the Rattrays tamper that you gifted, it was so unexpected. You guys have gone above and beyond, and I am a customer for life. Thank you so so much!

Mike D. of Mansfield, OH

Experience couldn't have been better! Based on the customer service I received today, you have just gained a loyal customer.

Dr. Al J. of Lincoln Park, MI

One of the best retailers in business. They have an old business feel (a family business so to speak). Always prompt, neat, no messed up orders. I wish I knew them when I started the hobby 17 years ago.

Andrew W. of Hilliard, OH

Sean is truly a gift to the world of piping! He has an extensive knowledge of pipes and tobacco which he graciously shares. I have been happy with every recommendation he has provided, leading to new experiences that I would have never had otherwise. Thank you Sean and family, keep up the great work!

Derek A. of Union, IL

As someone with a day job as well as a home business, I always prefer to support other local businesses. Your product availability, competitive pricing, responsive emails and quick shipping are icing on the cake. You truly make me feel like a valued customer!

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