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The first in a new series from G.L. Pease called the Zeitgeist Collection is a rebelious new blend called Bankside. Bankside takes its name from the neighborhood of London where the Tate Modern art museum is located where modern and contemporary art is celebrated. This new collection intends to celebrate the often avant-garde and rebellious themes of the modern era. Bankside takes a strikingly modernist reinterpretation of the archetypal Virginia/Perique flake. From a bold, traditional canvas of Red and Bright Virginias and genuine St. James Perique emerge subtle, contrasting strokes of dark-fired Kentucky and Latakia tobaccos — originating exotic, smoky undertones that support and enrich its notes of sweet cream and citrusy tang. Be bold and try a bowl of Bankside!  Sold in 2oz tin.


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