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Use the FORCE – PIPE FORCE! Pipe Force V is another signature series of tobacco blends from Master Blender Per George Jensen!  Hot-pressed and ready rubbed Rustica is stoved, resulting in a smoothing of the bold leaf, but its familiar BBQ tang and floral spice are preserved. This creates a dynamic complement to the caramelized sweetness of the Stoved Virginia. The Oriental Katerini takes to the Cavendish process beautifully, offering herbal, woody undertones. The result is an exotic mélange with a vitality that reimagines what a stoved mixture can be.  Pipe Force V comes in a 50g tin as a crumble cake.


*** THERE IS A PURCHASE LIMIT OF EIGHT (8) TINS PER CUSTOMER PER DAY ON THIS BLEND! If you order more than 8 tins we will have to cancel your order and refund your purchase.


This is a LIMITED RELEASE Blend. When it is gone, it is gone!

Pipe Force V - Captain Ryan

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