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Welcome to Pipe Force! Introducing another signature series of tobacco blends from Master Blender Per George Jensen! The stoving process often provides top flavoring but there are other wonderful attributes imparted by the stoving process that may be overlooked. Pipe force illustrates just that with the stoving of two varietals for the first time – Rustica and Katerini. This series boldly declares that innovation is not a thing of the past; there are many new frontiers to explore!


Pipe Force begins with episode IV in a now to galaxies far, far away! Pipe Force IV is a light, oriental focused English mixture accentuated with two unique stoved tobaccos – Rustica and Katerini. The Orientals within are musky and herbal; the Red Virginia brings tang and woodiness. The stoved Katerini brings along its spice! The stoved Rustica offers a stout body and a peppery sensation whoch harmonizes with a light Latakia smokiness.  Pipe Force IV is offered as a 1.5oz plug cut.


*** THERE IS A PURCHASE LIMIT OF EIGHT (8) TINS PER CUSTOMER PER DAY ON THIS BLEND! If you order more than 8 tins we will have to cancel your order and refund your purchase. 




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