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Devil Anse - If you’re a pipe smoker, and you’re familiar with the HBO Mini-series, “Hatfields and McCoys”, you are well acquainted with Kevin Costner’s iconic pipe. This little canted apple has become known around the world as the Devil Anse, and has taken the pipe world by storm. Here is your chance to add one of these classics to your rotation. But this is not just a movie prop, it is a serious smoking instrument, engineered to give you enjoyable smokes for years. It’s feather light, and with German ebonite stem comfortable enough to smoke all day. It also has exceptional straight grain all the way around the bowl and up the shank. And just like every other Mike Couch Pipe, it smokes as good as it looks!  Each Mike Couch Pipe comes with a beautiful custom bag for your new treasure!


Length - 4 1/2”

Height - 1 5/8”

Bowl - 1 3/8” X 3/4”

Weight - 1 oz. (28gr.)


Devil Anse by MCP

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