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Use the FORCE – PIPE FORCE! Pipe Force VI is the next release of the new signature series of tobacco blends from Master Blender Per George Jensen! Specialist Falfa is featured on the tin (unusual to say the least) but what about the leaf? A woody, tangy mixture of select Virginia leaf is elevated with Stoved Katerini, adding dark berry and spice. Dark-Fired Kentucky and St. James Perique enrich the base with earthy notes, pepper, and a light smokiness. Episode VI is a savory, vinous evolution from the natural sweetness and dark flavor of the Virginia/Perique genre. Richness with nuance all the way down.Unlike the previous two in this series, this blend concentrates on the stved Katerini, with no Rustica present. This blend is bound to be another interesting and unique smoking experience!


This series boldly declares that innovation is not a thing of the past; there are many new frontiers to explore! The stoving process often provides top flavoring but there are other wonderful attributes imparted by the process that may be overlooked. Pipe force illustrates this with the stoving of two varietals for the first time – Rustica and Katerini.

Pipe Force is offered as a crumble cake in a 50g tin. 

Our release comes November 25, 2023 at 5:00CST with “Episode VI.”

Reach for the galaxies far, far away!


*** THERE IS A PURCHASE LIMIT OF FIVE (5) TINS PER CUSTOMER PER DAY ON THIS BLEND! If you order more than 5 tins we will have to cancel your order and refund your purchase. 

This is a LIMITED RELEASE Blend. When it is gone, it is gone! 

Pipe Force VI - Specialist Falfa

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