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Bing - Bing Crosby, the iconic crooner and actor, was a prolific pipe enthusiast. There are volumes of pictures of him, from movies and television, with a pipe. Very many of those pipes had certain characteristics that Bing found appealing; a classic billiard shape, a longer and thinner than standard shank, a silver band, and a normal length billiard stem that, given the length of the shank, made these pipes not only longer than average, but unique and iconic and identified with Bing himself.

This pipe bears all the elements that identified Bing’s pipes as his, and now you are able to see why he had pipes designed with these specifications. It is finished in a classic light brown contrast stain, with the classic nickel-silver band and black stem, just like Bing himself had them made. Pick this one up, and find out why this was the crooner’s favorite.  Each Mike Couch Pipe comes with a beautiful custom bag for your new treasure!


The pipe pictured is the pipe you will receive.


Length - 6 3/8”

Height - 1 3/4”

Bowl - 1 1/2” X 3/4”

Weight - 1.2 oz. (34gr.)


Bing by MCP

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