We no longer offer Esoterica for sale on our website.  If you wish to purchase Esoterica pipe tobacco, send us an email with the subject line stating "Esoterica Call List" and provide your full name, phone number, billing/shipping address, valid email address, and list of Esoterica blends you would like to purchase in order of preference in the body of the email.  We will place your name on our "Call List" and contact you if we receive an Esoterica shipment containing a blend on your list.

Please note:  EVERYONE wants Stonehaven, Peacehaven, and Penzance and very few bags/tins of those blends are shipped to the US.  As such, if we receive any of those blends, it is in extremely small quantities and they are typically purchased by the first few customers on our Call List.  Therefore, if you wish to purchase any Esoterica, be sure to include other blends on your list.

If you wish to purchase Blackpool, Brighton, Cardiff, Hastings, Kingsbridge, Ramsgate, Scarborough, St. Ives, or Woodbridge blends, please make sure you include them in your list.  If they arrive, we'll notify you.


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